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Art Critic

by Alessia Perone

The artist Hugo Auler Jr. explores all types of colors and textures, drawing inspiration from life situations, people and the natural environment: in this way, through his artistic conception he manages to connect himself with the universe. Hugo Auler is looking for new ways to paint and to bring exciting ideas to his works. Exposing the principles of his aesthetic vision, he finds his perfect place and application in the field of painting and in the various aspects of everyday life. In fact, to escape from the daily routine, his art is conceived to be a therapy: the canvas, the colors and all his creativity emerge from his works and catch the observer’s attention, both visually and emotionally. A focal point of his artistic process turns out to be the imagination, which represents such a decisive and strong factor, a fantastic and unexpected moment. Abstraction that emerges from his paintings, provides a more faithful image of reality than illusionistic representations of objects from the visible and material world. As can be seen in “Geometry”, a progression of the pictorial language is showed: recalling Piet Mondrian with “Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow”, Hugo presents a geometric abstraction, based on the theory of artistic but also spiritual evolution, forming a total environment that affects modern life. The squares and rectangles are defined by vertical and horizontal lines, largely contributing to the visual and abstract communication. The different brushstrokes define several geometric figures, defining the totality of the work. The essentiality of this painting is illustrated, transcending detail to express the universal: this one must be something that goes beyond the surface of nature. The representation of an inner reality is emphasized through the interaction of contrasting pictorial elements, giving impulse to a chromatic harmony and a balance of dynamic forces. It is interesting to note this emphasis on lines, colors and geometric shapes. While in “Rainforest cry for help”, the artist brings humanity in front of a truly striking fact: recalling the fire that occurred in the Amazon rainforest, Hugo Auler defends that green lung of the planet, source of oxygen and priceless heritage of animal and plant biodiversity. The message is crystal-clear: the orange line immersed in the green shows that the climate change is real, so the observer is involved and pushed to make an examination his actions, in order to start a process of preservation not only about the forests, but also for of all the natural environment that helps us to grow and live. Going beyond the artistic movement of Cubism, the fragmentation of tree shapes becomes increasingly abstract, starting from dark green to their complete dissolution in white. Finally, in “Where Earth meet...” the artist gives harmony and balance, relaxing the mind and body of the observer, by unveiling his emotional side. The blue color has no end, where the sky merges with the deep sea, continuing to mirror each other forever. All confirms this tonality as the main symbol of infinity, in order to reach that sense of protection and welcome capable of making a rebirth possible. But after all, what does the Earth encounter? Hugo Auler invites the observer to let himself go in this dynamic flow, in his moods, in the energy around him and in the desire to see what comes next. 

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